KoboldAI Horde

This is a crowdsourced distributed cluster of KoboldAI clients. You can download the client and use it to experience stories similar to AI-Dungeon for free. If you like this service, consider joining the horde yourself!

You can find the source and documentation for KoboldAI Horde in github.



  1. Register an account which will generate for you an API key. Store that key somewhere.
  2. Download KoboldAI following the instruction it its repository.
  3. Start KoboldAI with play.(bat|sh)
  4. In the AI menu on the top, select Online Serves > KoboldAI Horde
  5. Type the address you're currently at in the url, and your stored api key. When the menu with the models appear, select all, or a specific model (if you know what you're doing)
  6. Enjoy



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These are the people who made this sotware possible.

And of course, everyone contributing their KAI to the horde!

Top Contributors

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Mr. Seeker#3


This is the server which has generated the most tokens for the horde.

Mr. Seeker's Red Light District


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